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thanks cookie for the spectacular gfx!

Welcome to Habboon Happenings!

Hosted by linds and devi!

We’re here to answer the frequently asked question: what’s happening on Habboon? Read the weekly post to check out spotlights on users, communities, and events. Ask advice and learn more about your own community. 

We’ll also post staff updates such as hirings, updates, and more!



This week we're spotlighting Pixel by Pixel's Design Competition hosted by Cookie and Els!!


Cookie and Elle wrote this about their competition:

"Have you ever wanted your own custom-designed clothing/hair/accessories/etc? uploaded to Habboon? Well, this is your chance! Pixel by Pixel is hosting a Habboon Fashion Design Competition

Don’t squander this opportunity! This is your ONE shot to get your own custom work uploaded to the hotel! Amazing prizes (6500 diamonds to be won!) for the top 3 winners. "


Check it out here:




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We have historically spotlighted agencies, roleplays, fansites, and user-created quests/mazes!


A reader asks, "If you could have one job, what would it be and why"

linds: wildlife rehabilitator because ive always wanted to help protect and preserve wildlife all over the world

devi: Using code to help design movies :P


A reader asks, "What fun and new interesting things can I do during the pandemic?"

linds: watch movies, read a book, binge a series, home workouts, and play habboon !


devi: I picked up Tarot reading :D you can really do anything that you've always admired or been curious about!



Do you have a burning question you’d love for linds or devi to answer? Feel free to submit here for a chance to be selected for the next edition of the article.

All questions will remain anonymous, so ask anything!


Everyone is so busy working for GOTW points, serving coffee at Coffeehouse, and assisting Frank in cleaning the Welcome Lounge that we believe there should be a little fun mixed with business.

Below will be some games that you can do for fun in your spare time! Think you’re up for the challenge?


Can you solve this crossword? First, using the clues, figure out which article they're hinting at. Then, try figuring out which keyword from the article fits in the boxes! For example:


Let's say there's a box with 5 squares across

1. Use photoshop to create the hottest new badge

Badge(5) of(2) the(3) week(4)




Submit here


Previous Week's Winner:


Why is linds mad and lily sleeping?

kiss with "Let's get Litty on Pride Month!"




Cookie and Lily created another custom clothing line "Summer", check out the article posted in the Hub to enter!

Keep your eyes peeled in the #Partners chat on the Habboon Discord for fun new activities to earn badges by different communities on the hotel!  (discord.gg/habboon) 

Looks like there are two Discord competitions in the official discord...check them out!! 

Check out the Vaporware Clothing and Furniture in the catalog. 



The badges for all submissions will be according to the badges below!


During random weeks, we may do a lottery or giveaway to give out different prizes. Keep reading Habboon Happenings to find out!


Thanks for reading this week’s post of Habboon Happenings!




for all of our submission forms if you'd like to submit for all of them.


linds & devi

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thx for the 411 gals!

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What can i sayy, awesome article as always :)

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Thanks for the latest goss this week!

kiss 4 months ago

news, news, news, news!

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thx for the 411 gals!

What can i sayy, awesome artic...

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