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Welcome to Snapshot of the Week!

Hosted by Bot


Snapshot of the Week or known as SOTW is a new weekly article where you have the opportunity to show us your skills as a builder and photographer!


Each week we will ask you to build a small room according to the given theme and to send us a snapshot of it using the in-game camera.






Step 1 : Build a small room using furniture related to the theme.

Step 2 : Wear an outfit related to the theme (recommended).

Step 3 : Ask your friends to join the photo (optional).

Step 4 : Use the in-game camera and take your best snapshot.


How to save a snapshot using the in-game camera :







Rule 1 : The title of your room should be [SOTW #33].

Rule 2 : The room must be entirely built by you.

Rule 3 : The room's design must be related to the current theme.

Rule 4 : You MUST use the in-game camera function to save your snapshot.

Rule 5 : You CANNOT place if you won on the previous SOTW.






The top three snapshots will be rewarded with the prizes listed below and their snapshot displayed in the next article.

First place : Gold Badge, 300 diamonds, 30 000 credits


Second place : Silver Badge, 200 diamonds, 20 000 credits


Third place : Bronze Badge, 100 diamonds, 10 000 credits






Last week, the theme was 80's.


FIRST PLACE : tintin









Well done to those who placed and thank you to all the participants, it was a pleasure to receive your submissions!






This week's theme is FAST FOOD.

The title of your room should be [SOTW #33].

Make sure to stick to the theme and to take a snapshot using the in-game camera found beside your avatar in the bottom left of the game client.






You have until August 2nd - 7 PM GMT to submit your snapshot!


Please CLICK HERE to submit your snapshot


If you have any question, contact us in-game or on Discord at Adrian#3426.






Comments (6)

S8 1 month ago

niceeeely done

kiss 1 month ago


exist 1 month ago

Was very fun to be a part of!

rckt 1 month ago

I just knew someone was going for Blade Runner. Congrats though :0

put 1 month ago

gonna dress as an asiago ranch burger

Bot 1 month ago

submissions were darn good this round , congrats to the winners and honorable mentions, was hard to decide!

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niceeeely done


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