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Beginning on Wednesday the 1st of December a twice-weekly Battle Banzai tournament will be hosted by Pespidoge & Sledmore. The tournament will run on Wednesday & Friday every week at 9 PM GMT until the end of December.

Initially there will be no pre-decided teams, the games will just be a free-for-all unless users in the room group themselves in a team there & then.

Each game will open up for 20 players. There will be 4 teams of 5 players & each team will remain the same for 4 sets. When a team loses a set they will be eliminated from the game and the next set will start without that team. We will continue until a winner is declared. It is undecided right now how many games will be ran per event, we'll figure this out as we go as some games may take longer than others. The event will last at-least an hour each time it is hosted though.

The event will be hosted on the hotel, but there will be a Discord stage that can be joined to hear some friendly competitive shout-casting, which will run alongside the event. (Perhaps with some exclusive surprises?)

The prize pool is quite simple. This is because Snowflakes will be in effect, so winning will enable you to make a purchase earlier than expected from the Snowflakes shop!

Anyone who takes part will be given a badge & snowflakes. Snowflake prizes will increment based on what set your team gets to in a game.

Teams who win all 4 sets will be given a badge for taking part, a badge for winning, Diamonds & additional Snowflakes.

Good luck!



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kiss 1 week ago

battle bewbzai

linds 1 week ago

wooo we love tournamentz

bow 1 week ago

sounds very fun !! hope you all are ready for me to kick some ass <3

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battle bewbzai

wooo we love tournamentz

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