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Welcome to Boon Adventures with your hosts linds, cookie and eden!


This is a monthly article based on various event-related games, including but not limited to:


mazes • wired games • board games • mind games • escape rooms • competitions


Some of these games are designed to test your wit, your patience, and your problem-solving skills, while others are competitive and fun for everyone. On the 1st of every month (unless otherwise), a new game or event will be up for you lucky Booners to participate in to challenge yourselves and win some nifty things!


Everything we make is assisted by the Boon’s Builders Team!


For the month of December, we’re going to be doing the theme(s): Grinchmas!

Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.”

It’s the time of year where everyone brings out their freshly cut trees, their ornaments they’ve been collecting every year, happy baking and twinkly lights!

But Christmas isn’t anything without the holiday movies, including the Grinch!

Boon Adventures is bringing Grinchmas to Habboon for everyone to celebrate the once hating green creature into a creature who fell in love with the holiday. 

Who doesn’t get themselves an Advent Calendar to countdown till Christmas? We don’t!

This is exactly why we brought it to Habboon

Each door doesn’t give you chocolate… but an entry to each quest, maze and event we’ve done in the past two years will be reopened (fixed and everything) for you all to enjoy and rehash some memories -- grabbing some badges along the way!

To top it off, adventuring in our rooms will give you the chance to find some hidden Grinch themed badges along the way!

No times will be set for the doors to open, but every day a new doorway opens. 

Search “[BA] Advent Calendar” to begin!