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We have one thing to say, and baby, you

already know that every kiss.. begins with a K.”

Welcome to Kiss & Tell hosted by kiss!


She’s the adorable little sister

to your Habboon Happenings.


Inspired by all things femme magazine and every gossip column published! This isn't just a biweekly article, it's also a community that celebrates YOU, US, and THEM.


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Hey dear readers, Happy August 5th. Today we are celebrating National Blogger Day, which highlights one of the pioneer media introduced to the world. As you know, Kiss & Tell is an article that very much exudes the essence of a platform that allows creatives like us to express themselves on a microblog to connect with others! My co-editor Syd and I built this one of a kind community from the ground up. Rest assured, she always has a special place in K&T, and it certainly won't be the last that we hear from our Angel!

~ Kiss 


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Occasionally, kiss will host hotel-alerted talk shows through the use of Discord's stage where we unwind, play music, and interview users on our podcast!



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Much love, xoxo!



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claudia 1 month ago

lovely article nie :) saludos desde puerto rico :flag_pr:


kitty 1 month ago

adhd frrrrrr


bow 1 month ago

Shout out to user kitty for being so open <3

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lovely article nie :) saludos...

adhd frrrrrr

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