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Welcome back to another Casino of the Month, where players are given a theme and asked to build a casino based on that theme to be judged by our article hosts. The top 3 best casinos will receive a choice of badges, thrones and also a rare prize for 1st place! Think you’ve got an eye for design? Then get involved and test your casino building skills!





  • The name of your room must be titled as [COTM #31] Spooky Cemetery

  • You must take a screenshot of your room that is good quality, and then upload it to Imgur and submit the link through the form.

  • You must not copy any existing casinos, as this will result in your entry being disqualified from the competition.

  • Your casino must be relevant to the theme - however, it does not need to be functional but there should be a minimum of 2 booths.

  • You may only submit one entry.





Spooky Cemetery!

Eek! I think I saw a ghost!


In celebration of Halloween, all users that submit an entry in this month's COTM will receive a participation badge!
















The winners will receive the following prizes based on their place:

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Staff Picks

Gold Badge


250 Thrones

350 Diamonds

Silver Badge

200 Thrones

30,000 Credits

20,000 Duckets

250 Diamonds

Bronze Badge

150 Thrones

25,000 Credits

15,000 Duckets

150 Diamonds

Please find Jordan or kio in-client to request the badge you want.





Click here and fill in the form to submit your entry.

Any submissions must be made by 28th October 2022 @ 23:59 GMT or they will not be counted.






A huge thank you in advance to all those who submit. We really enjoy seeing all the entries 

come in throughout the weeks. Remember, we’re looking for creativity, effort, detail, and originality. Try to make your room stand out from the rest. Good luck with your casinos and most importantly, have fun!


If you wish to request a badge, have any questions or concerns please contact Jordan or kio on the hotel or via discord at Tarasque#0863 or tat#2222

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