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Welcome to Habboon staff hosted Halloween Events! We have all worked very hard on these events and we hope you enjoy them. If you have any questions feel free to message staff in-game or on Discord. Happy Halloween!

Article by soul



Falling for fashion! Article hosts soul and snug will have Halloween themes and badges for the entire month of October! May the best dressed win.

DATE: All October



It’s time for spook-tactular builders to come out and play! Each week pixie and midnight will have fall-ween themes to get featured as ROTWeenie

DATE:  All October


Pixel by Pixel hosts Foxy and Bran will be giving you the opportunity to show your spookiest, scariest, pixel art!

DATE: All October

Get ready for Snapshot of the Week Halloween edition with bub and james. There will be Halloween themed badges for winners all month long!!

DATE: All October



Calling all gamblers! Casino of the Month hosts Jordan and kio will be hosting a Halloween theme! All Participants will receive a special badge!

DATE: All October


Sharpen your knives for our Pumpkin Carving Contest! Hosted by soul and pixie on the Habboon Discord channel #pumpkin-carving. Please have your username and Discord written on a piece of paper in the photo!

1st winner - 500 Diamonds
2nd winner - 350 Diamonds
3rd winner - 250 Diamonds

DATE: October 1st to 31st



Show us your love for baking during the month of October to celebrate Halloween! Hosted by kio and bub on the Habboon Discord channel #baking-contest. Please have your username and Discord written on a piece of paper in the photo!

1st winner - 500 Diamonds
2nd winner - 350 Diamonds
3rd winner - 250 Diamonds

DATE: October 1st to 31st



Get your costumes ready for a Halloween Cozzie Change, hosted by soul and stach! Channel your inner creativity and embody the themes only through pixel clothes!

Winners will be rewarded:
Halloween wearables, 500 diamonds, and a badge!

DATES: October 5th & 26th at 6pm (GMT)



Throughout the month sophie and mapache will be hosting relay races as a GOTW event.

All winners will be awarded a badge and GOTW points!

DATE: All October


Aside from carnival rides and cold weather, what’s more fun than Bobbin’ for Apples? Can you beat midnight’s high score of 35 apples picked? Come down and pick some apples to win an exclusive badge and of course have some juicy apples!

DATE: All October

Throughout the month of October Kaydee and bub will be hosting Halloween mixed events!

Winners will be awarded GOTW points, wearables and a spooky badge!

DATE: All October

Are you BRAVE enough to try Kaydee and kio’s Halloween snake run maze? Search: Haunted Slithering Snake Run [Entrance] owned by Kaydee. If you can successfully beat these haunted rooms you will receive a badge and a chance to be in a draw, where you can win prizes!

Take a screenshot at the end room for a chance to win a prize! Unlimited entries and a new submission can be placed every 3 HOURS! Prizes will be drawn on November 1st. Please have the date, time and your username in the screenshot.

1st winner - wearable and 1500 Diamonds
2nd winner - 1000 Diamonds
3rd winner - 700 Diamonds

Click here to submit

DATE: October 1st MIDNIGHT(UK) to October 31st MIDNIGHT(UK)

Test your Halloween knowledge in sophie and james’ Halloween Trivia Maze! Search: Halloween Trivia Maze 2022 owned by sophie.

DATE: Opens October 1st


Think you’ve got what it takes to escape bub and kio’s Spooky Maze? Escape successfully to avoid becoming another trapped soul! There are three badges hidden that you can earn as well as one you receive for completing! Search: [WEF] Entrance owned by bub.

DATE: Opens October 6th



Bran is challenging your knowledge of Halloween movies this Habboonween! Search: Halloween Movie Trivia Maze owned by Bran.

DATE: Opens October 1st




Make your way through the Halloween One Room Maze made by snug and midnight! Search: Halloween One Room Maze owned by snug.

DATE: Opens October 1st





Top left to right: spite, sophie, midnight, stach, mapache, pixie, Foxy and eleven
Bottom left to right: Michaela, bub, james, soul, snug, Kaydee, kio and Bran

Thank you to the staff that helped make these events possible!

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Roxi_Reed 11 months ago

THe Horror Movie maze was great, Bran!


WastedSpace 11 months ago

Can't Wait to do more mazes! :3


Kaydee 11 months ago

so eggCITED! Bring on HALLOWEEN 🎃

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THe Horror Movie maze was grea...

Can't Wait to do more mazes! :...

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