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Welcome to Guess the Furni!

Presented to you by furry and Cameron

Guess the Furni is a weekly article where you’ll get to show off just how well you know the Habboon furniture catalogue, or how determined of a seeker you are otherwise! Each week there will be two games to see how well you know yourself around the catalogue!

1. You must state the full name of the furni, including any punctuation that may be present. Capital letters are not required but are appreciated.

2. To have a chance in placing, all of your answers must have the correct furni names and correct coordinates.

3. Sharing answers is not allowed and will result in a disqualification from the article in that week.

4. Only one submission per person (not per account) is allowed, and only your first entry will be accepted.







Congratulations to the winners for this week!

There are no standard placements in Guess the Furni, and instead three winners will be chosen by random out of everyone who has correctly answered all sections. In the event that no one gets all answers correct, those with the most amount of correct answers will be drawn.

Please seek furry or Cameron in-client to claim your prizes, or message us on Discord!

In this first section, there will be three unclear images of different items from the catalogue, your goal is to identify and name each of these items!


Furni #1

Furni #2

Furni #3

Last Week’s Answers
Furni #1 - Habburgers Grill

Furni #2 - Snowboard Ramp
Furni #3 - Band Xylophone

In this second section, a new image of a cluttered room will be included in each article. You must answer the five questions listed below, write down the answers that you find! If you need clarification on something, please Discord Michaela#5556 or CAMERON#2510.

Click here to open the image in full size!

Identify the coordinates of the following items, if items appear in more than box, please write down the coordinate of which they appear most in. Coordinates will be accepted in the form of letter then number, e.g. A1, not 1A.

1. Green Alien

2. Ruby and Gold Horse Statue

Identify how many of the following items you can spot in the image above.

1. Ancient Greek Chariot

2. Maharaja Long Pillow

3. Fruits Tray


Last Week’s Answers

Blue Teddy Bear - C3

Frozen Nest - D2

Service Trolley - 2

Icy blue plant - 3

Basketball Trophy - 7

FIRST: Choice of Badge, 100,000 credits, and 250 diamonds

SECOND: Choice of Badge, 40,000 credits, and 150 diamonds

THIRD: Choice of Badge, 30,000 credits, and 150 diamonds

Click the submit button above to send in your answers! All submissions must be in by Friday 27th January, 11:59pm GMT in order to be considered.

If you have any questions or ideas, you’re more than welcome to let us know!


best regards,

furry & Cameron

Michaela#5556 | CAMERON#2510

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