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We have decided to open Staff Applications! We are looking for new, dedicated users to join our staff to help keep our hotel entertained and moderated, and to breathe some new life into the community. The process is pretty self-explanatory, fill out the form below and we will be in touch via discord if your application is successful!

Do you have what it takes to join us? Then fill in the application form below! If you have any questions or concerns regarding submitting an application, then feel free to contact any Administrator in client or via discord.

Click HERE to apply, we will be reviewing these applications in the coming weeks.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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berry 2 months ago

good luck people!!


V 2 months ago

goodluck every1


hanna 2 months ago

Good luck everyone!! :D


Kaydee 2 months ago

Apply at your own risk! We are coo coo :P


bow 2 months ago

Good Luck <33


WillyLopez 2 months ago

Good luck to all new staff members!


Mortician 2 months ago

Good luck and much love to everybody who applies! ♥


airwinn 2 months ago

good luck everyone


R34 2 months ago

cant wait to see MOD-hiwah


bub 2 months ago

Good luck applicants ^_^


administrator 2 months ago

Good luck all :~)


champion$16752 2 months ago

I believe I am ready to be the server and protector this game needs! It is my time to shine


,Emma, 2 months ago

This is an awesome opportunity to be a bigger part of the boon community! I hope that who ever wants to they do! Good luck!!!!!


Paige 2 months ago

Good luck to everyone who applies!!


Jordan 2 months ago

Good luck everyone!

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good luck people!!

goodluck every1

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