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September 17th, 2023

Brought to you by Kie & Patrick

We’re here to answer the frequently asked question: What’s happening on Habboon?


Read the weekly post to check out spotlights on users, communities, and events. There is plenty to get involved with in this article & you can keep up to date with the hotel by reading more down below!

Keep up with the juicy and exciting things that are happening around the Hotel, we have it all!
We would like to congratulate Natalie for becoming a Trial Moderator on the Staff Team!

Be sure to congratulate her if you see her around the hotel.


On a slightly lower tone, we have also said goodbye to a few members of the staff team. Unfortunately, Cotton and hanna are no longer Moderators - it has been a blast having them all on the team & we hope to still see them around on the hotel!


Boon Adventures is celebrating their 3rd Anniversary and they have loads of events for the month in which you can get involved with in order to win some prizes! Click here to read more about this!


New rares have been released in the in-game shop! 

The Duck Blue Dragon is now available to purchase at 750,000 Credits, 500,000 Duckets, and a badge if bought for the first time!

The Noir Ice Cream Maker is also available to purchase at 1,000,000 Credits and 1,000,000 Duckets!

You can find these by clicking on the Economy tab > Rares.


Additionally, Diamond Clothing has been updated and rotated!

You can find this by clicking on the Economy tab > Diamond Shop > Diamond Clothing.


Lastly, a new NFT Kryptomon Egg has been made available to purchase with diamonds to purchase at 1,050 Diamonds in the diamond rares shop!

You can find this by clicking on the Economy tab > Diamond Shop > Diamond Rares.


Who doesn’t love music? We take a user’s favourite song and we tell you our thoughts on it.


This week’s music choice is from bow and they chose:

Keith Urban ft. Carrie Underwood - The Fighter

Kie: I LOVED IT!!! it had a proper bop to this tune, almost modern and i’m all here for modern music! love carrie underwood too tbh…

Patrick: This song is uplifting because of the lyrics and lively because of the upbeat take. Keith and Carrie are such a great match. It's really a bop and I’ve been listening to it a lot lately ngl. Thank you for this.. WHAT IF I FALL?!?!? I WON’T LET YOU FALL!!


Congratulations to bow for having her song recommendation selected - 100 diamonds will be gifted to your account!


Do you want your favourite song to be featured next week? 

Feel free to submit here for a chance to be selected for the next edition of the article!

This segment is all about our advice to players of Habboon…

Do you have a burning question you’d love for Kie and Patrick to answer? 


A user wanted to know if we had “How to keep productive when there are so many distractions?”

Kie: Hide all distractions, head to a public space (coffee shop, library etc!) - i find that being in public makes me act more productively as i feel like i’ll be judged if i sit there with my macbook out but scrolling on tiktok.. i also plan my days out. distractions are the worst i can never avoid them….

Patrick: I feel you so much, I also easily get distracted. I think the best thing to avoid distraction is to first be in an environment that has less distractions; stay away from apps or anything that can easily distract you, and mainly focus on your tasks. Next one is to use an app or even use a paper then you can put your plans for that day with time limits and mini-goals. The most important thing here is to be committed to the schedule and goals you created. Your mindset should be following the planner you created like your life depends on it.


Feel free to submit your questions for a chance to be selected for the next edition of the article.


All questions will remain anonymous, and can be anything! Questions do not have to be related to Habboon!



Do you fancy a chance to win some prizes?!


Network R’ Us is the section where you will be required to solve a puzzle to be in with the chance of winning a prize! Each person who correctly solves the puzzle will be entered into a random generator where one user will win a prize!


Last week's puzzle is Caption a Photo - just caption that best describes the photo given below - unfortunately there were no entries to this..


For the next edition of Network ‘R Us, we want you to complete a word search! There will be seven (7) keywords that you need to search and highlight in the puzzle below.



Words to search: Adventures, Connect, Events, Roleplay, Maze, Quest, Coffee House, Welcome Lounge

The winner will receive 100 diamonds and a badge!

The submission link can be found here!

The badges for all submissions will be according to the badges below!

(Credits to user Exoquate for the badges!)

Thanks for reading this week’s post of Habboon Happenings!


Kie (_kie.) & Patrick (.kingpatrick)

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menheru 8 months ago

red man took the red-pill, and know the truth. He won't join discussion. blue pill girl is sleeping!!! i want to sleep too.

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