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Welcome to Author of the Week Valentine Edition with hosts 

lil & cotton!



It’s time to write and send your Habboon Valentine a card with AOTW! 


Express your gratitude/appreciation to your special someone or your friend. Write them a speical message, you could even make them smile with a poem!


Sending or receiving a card allows you to win one of the Valentine’s badges shown above.


For us to send out the badges, please follow the format below, making sure to include both Habboon usernames.


Your cards will be displayed in the next article!


From: lil

To: cotton 


[Your message up to 100 words]












We want to thank everyone who submitted their stories and poems last time! We enjoyed reading them all! Last week’s theme was: Modern Day Heroes!


The winners this week are… *drumrolls*



1st | sic

2nd | Moonstone

3rd | N/A

Click the user above to view their submission! 

Congratulations to the winners! Contact lil or cotton for your prizes!

Dictionary Winner





1st: Diamond Clothing, 30,000 Credits, Gold Badge, 250 Diamonds.


2nd: 25,000 Credits, 20,000 Duckets,Silver Badge, 200 Diamonds.


3rd: 20,000 Credits, 10,000 Duckets, Bronze Badge, 150 diamonds.


The valentines edition is running throughout the whole of February and will continue to post bi-weekly.


AOTW starts up again as normal from March.


If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, be sure to let us know!

Lil / .lulaaa. | cotton / dotpeppa



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hus 2 weeks ago

i need a valentines guys


bow 2 weeks ago

Congrats Luvs !!!!

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i need a valentines guys

Congrats Luvs !!!!

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