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Welcome to Badge of the Week!


Badge of the Week (BOTW) is a weekly article that allows users to embrace their creativity and attempt to design a badge relevant to the weekly article theme. The three badges that win each week will be available for 7 days in the catalogue, until the next BOTW article is posted!

Each week there will be a new theme for you to be inspired by and to base your badge design around. You are more than welcome to base your badge upon existing designs, but the judging will be more in favour of original and unqiue submissions

Please make sure to follow the following guidelines or your submission will be voided.

  • Badge size must be 40px x 40px.
  • Images must be uploaded in a .GIF format.
  • All submission entries must be uploaded to IMGUR and then submit the IMGUR link.
  • Uploading/stealing badges that already exist on Habboon/other hotels will be disqualified.

Failing to meet these guidelines may lead to potential blacklisting from the article.

Editors Note: It was great to see that the amount of entries has went up over the last few editions of Badge of the Week. There's been a lot of names that have entered every week and haven't won yet, but don't worry, your time is coming. All entries are fantastic and it's always a hard pick. Sometimes it's not necessarily the top three badges winning, but the best badges that fit the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placement. E.g there's two unselected badges that qualify for first, in my opinion, and I rather leave them to the creators to resubmit when the theme is relevant for them again rather than placing all three as the top three.

Congratulations to the winning users this week! Your badge will be uploaded and available for 7 days in the Habboon Catalog!

If you submitted and did not win this week, hold on to your badge as it may be viable in a future submission

If you've placed, you have a chance to win the following

1st Place = Badge of the Week Trophy & 1st Place Badge & 700 Diamonds.
2nd Place = 2nd Place Badge & 500 Diamonds.
3rd Place = 3rd Place Badge & 350 Diamonds.

At the end of each month, all placed users will enter a randomized raffle for an Art Easel.

do you have any among us gifs i think theyre, among us gif funny -  transformwc.org

The theme for this week will be: VIDEO GAMES / GAMING.


Habboon isn't the only game out there, even if it's the only game you commit 24 hours a day to. Pick up your joysticks, get gaming and get inspired for this week's theme! You're also allowed to submit GIF entries this week if it helps bring your badge alive. We'll be experimenting with GIF badges for this theme to see if it'll be a nice thing to bring into future themes. You can submit a standard still image badge though, if you want.

Channel your creative energies and let them flow, you've got this!

Submit your entry by clicking the image above or by clicking here
This week's deadline is: 16/02/24 - 00:01 GMT.

If you have any questions regarding the article, feel free to contact pespidoge in-game or reach out to my Discord by adding 'pespidoge'.



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eddy 2 weeks ago

krissy rat is my favoruite


hus 2 weeks ago

brilliant stuff


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Congrats Guys !

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krissy rat is my favoruite

brilliant stuff

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