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Sunday, 11th February - 2024

Huge thank you to milk for the graphics & to Exoquate for the badges!


Are you intrigued to find out What’s Happening on Habboon? Well, you’re in the right place - this bi-weekly article will cover all things Habboon and more! Stay tuned to find out more about the hotel, albeit rare rotations or staffing updates!



This is a section where we place a highlight on a segment of the hotel. These can either be individual users who deserve to be recognised for their kindness across the hotel, for being a good friend or an excellent event player.


Feel free to submit a user or community into the spotlight by clicking the link here.


This week, we’re placing a spotlight on mil nominated by hus

Here’s hus’ reasoning as to why she chose her:

“Cause she's amazing and I love her a lot and she's famous on boon for a good reason la x”



It’s time to keep up to date with all things that have happened within the hotel in the past weeks!

Boon Adventures has returned with a new monthly article! This month, their theme is Entertainment and covers all things WWE and Musicals!


A range of seasonal rares have been released for the season of love! These can be found by heading to the Economy tab > Rares in the catalogue!

It’s the Year of the Dragon and we have new rares to celebrate this!


The following wearables have also been placed in the Economy tab of the catalogue! These can be bought for Diamonds!



Unfortunately, Natalie is no longer a Moderator on the staff team! We miss you Natalie & wish you all the best!



Sentimental songs are the soulful melodies that have the remarkable ability to touch the deepest corners of our hearts and evoke a wide range of emotions. 


In this segment, we invite you to submit your favourite song and allow us to provide the emotions evoked by the lyrics and melody.


This week’s featured song is ‘Just Pretend’ by Bad Omens, submitted by user scorpio. Read our thoughts on the track down below!


kie: This song is almost chilling, bad omens voice matches this vibe of music perfectly. I’m not one to usually listen to this style of music, given the fact it’s got a strong beat & almost sounds heavy metal at times. The lyrics are stunning in this song too, which definitely helps to enjoy it even more! Would recommend.


pat: It’s been a while since I’ve listened to this type of song; the metallic vibe with some pop element in it and a pinch of nostalgia. As usual with this genre, the vocals should be insane, and he did an amazing job with it. I like the melody of the song, especially the chorus part. You can feel the emotions from the arrangement & lyrics. Very relatable. Highly recommended to give it a listen.

You can submit your song choices here - if your song gets selected, you will win 100 diamonds & an exclusive badge!



In this segment, we're here to offer our guidance to you, the wonderful players of Habboon. 


Do you find yourself with a pressing question, one that's been keeping you up at night? 


Think of us as your trusted advisors, ready to provide thoughtful responses to your questions. Whether it's a matter directly related to the hotel or any other topic that's on your mind, we're here to assist you in finding a reasonable and considerate solution.


So, go ahead and share your questions with us; we're your friendly 'agony aunts' for all things Habboon and beyond!"


Also starting this week, a lucky user who submitted a question via random draw will get 100 diamonds!


Hiwah has asked: ‘’I want to get back to do art or anything else that I used to enjoy, do you have any tips so that I don't lose interest while working on it?”


kie: I think if you’re worried that you’re going to lose interest, start on a smaller project and find your love for art again. If you start with a challenging project first, you might become unmotivated very quickly & as a result not enjoy it the same way that you used to do. You could also turn it into a little business type thing and if you feel confident enough, start getting commissions for your work & make some money from it too!


pat: If you’re passionate with art or anything else, just go with the flow. I think that it’s important to focus on what you’re doing right now and being goal-oriented rather than being worried if you lose interest in it. That way, your momentum will consistently increase. Think about multiple opportunities and inspirations when you’re doing it. For example, you will feel self accomplishment because of your finished work, you can even turn it into side jobs/commissions, and other countless things you can do with it. It will depend on you on what your goal is. But, it’s also important to not do too much; take some breaks if you feel tired.

If you have a question you’d love to ask us, submit one here!



It’s time to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test - with wit and determination, solving the brain teaser correctly will earn you a spot in our random prize draw. 


These puzzles may range from riddles that tickle your curiosity to brainteasers which will require your intellect!


In the last edition of the article, we challenged users to do Spot the Difference.


Congratulations goes to user niks for being the lucky winner in the random generator - they will win 250 Diamonds and an Exclusive Badge for correctly finishing the phrases!


Here are the answers:




Magnetic, moon, kpi, J0yyce


Congratulations as well to Magnetic, moon, kpi & J0yyce who also correctly spotted the differences!


This week's edition is a variety of dingbats

A dingbat puzzle, also known as a rebus puzzle, is a type of word puzzle or brain teaser where a combination of pictures, symbols, and letters is used to represent a common word or phrase.


In order to win the prize, you must correctly identify all five of the dingbats to be entered into the prize draw for this edition! 







The submission link can be found here!

Thanks for reading this week's edition of Habboon Happenings! 


Kie (_Kie.)

pat (.kingpatrick)

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wooo pat and kie !!!!


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wow amazing stuffs

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wooo pat and kie !!!!

wow amazing stuffs

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