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As the days grow longer and the flowers begin to blossom, Connect is egg-static to unveil a basket full of Easter events! Keep reading to learn more about the abundance of activities…


The Connect team has curated an array of Discord activities, hotel games and quests for you to immerse yourself in. From egg hunts to a great eggspedition, there is something for everyone to enjoy! 


Hop into the spirit of Easter and stay in the loop with all of the egg-citing fun by signing up for notifications in our Discord server below.

Massive thank you to all of our Connect team for working hard to create so many fun activities both on and off the hotel. It’s been amazing watching everything come together!


If you’d like to join our amazing team and help contribute to any of our seasonal events, please click here to apply for a job!


Easter has arrived and there are plenty of eggs to find in our The Great Eggspedition! 

Do you have what it takes to find them all


Make your way through a hedge maze while completing a series of games and activities put together by our amazing Builders & Wirers department, led by Jade, to collect all of the eggs for Easter! 


Collect them all and receive the following badges as a thank you!

There will also be a screenshot raffle to win a Koala Harness in our Discord server


The Great Eggspedition can be found in the Staff Pick’s section of the navigator. 

[EEQ] Connect’s Eggspedition owned by Connect


Best of luck!

On top of our typical server activities and competitions hosted by our Community Organisers, there are a bunch of Easter events to get stuck into. These will all be happening exclusively in the Connect Discord server!


It’s time to snuggle up and spend the Easter season watching movies!


Our veteran film expert, Community Organiser dumpling, will be hosting a movie night and you’re all invited!


Be sure to join our Discord server and take part during Saturday 6th April.

More information on timing will be available within our #feed channel.


We’ll even give you a badge, how nice of us?!


Movies not your thing? That’s ok, we’ve got games too!


Spend the start to your weekend the right way… by playing games in the Connect server!


Community Organiser afk will be hosting Skribbl.io on Friday 5th April.

More information on timing will be available within our #feed channel.

Get your pencils (well… mouse?) ready and show us what you’ve got!

And get a nice badge for participating too!


Our resident puzzle master, Community Manager sophie, will be putting together some festive and Easter themed puzzles for you to complete.
There will be a new puzzle every day (now that’s commitment)!


Starting tomorrow (1st April) until 7th April, you’ve got your daily dose of all things geek.

Results will be posted at 10am BST (GMT-1), and submissions will close for each daily puzzle at 9pm BST (GMT-1).

Puzzles will be available via our website, and submissions will be collected the same way. 


All participants will receive the badge below, just to show off!


Hop along to our bunny art competition!


Community Organisers ells and bulb will be providing a bunny template in our #activities channel. Use a graphics app of your choice to create your own bunny.


This competition will run from tomorrow (1st April) until 6th April

Winners will receive an Easter Egg wearable as well as Discord server cosmetics!


The Easter Bunny has come to visit the Connect server but slipped on his way!

He’s managed to drop all his eggs around the server. Can you collect them all?


Each egg you collect is equal to a different amount of points, collect as many as you can until the end of April and be top of the leaderboard. 


1 Point

2 Points

3 Points

4 Points

5 Points


Top 5 users on the leaderboard by the end of April will receive a mystery prize

However, because we’re nice, every user who successfully catches even 1 egg will receive the badge below! 

Good luck and happy catching egg snatchers!


Think of yourself as a fashionista? Take part in this competition brought to you by Community Organiser lance to showcase your best Easter looks!


A special easter fashion show thread will be posted in our #activities channel - follow the instructions given and share your best looks.


Participants will be able to win Discord server cosmetics as well as 1st place getting their hands on a Ladybird Backpack wearable!


If Discord events are not your thing, don’t fret! We’ve got some amazing events being hosted in the hotel by our Event Hosts. This is of course alongside any auto games created by our Builders & Wirers.

Our lovely Events Team will be doing some Easter-y themed mixed events throughout April. Keep an eye out for these hosts on the Hotel to take part!












However, there may be rogue events (such as auto games) where Connect hosts decide to give the Easter badges - so we encourage you to make it to all our in-game events if you can! Sign up to event alerts in our Discord server through the #roles channel.


Win any game within a Connect Easter Event and you’ll be rewarded with the choice of a badge below, as well as our usual Connect Points! How egg-citing!


erA uoy na nclubaesmr haocipnm?


Community Organiser afk has put together a challenge for all you Easter fanatics. 

Try your luck and test your skill to figure out all these themed, scrambled words!


Head to the Staff Pick’s section on the Navigator or go to…

[Connect] Unscrambled Eggs Maze owned by Connect


All users who complete the maze will get this fancy badge to show for it.

Be sure to post your completion screenshots within our Discord server for a chance to win… 1,000 Diamonds!


Good luck!


Some pesky bunnies have stolen Connect’s supply of easter eggs. Will you help us get them back?

Simply head to [Connect] Bunny Run owned by Connect.


Complete the game to receive the badge below:

There will also be a screenshot raffle to win Gold & Gray Rabbit Statues & 500 Diamonds in our Discord server


Think you’ve got a keen eye? Put your detective skills to the ultimate test by finding all of the hidden eggs in Connect’s community lounge (found in the Staff Picks section of the hotel navigator.)


This in-game competition will begin on April 1st and submissions can be made in the Competitions Hub area of our website.


One lucky egg detective will get their hands on 1,000 Diamonds for correctly identifying the amount of hidden eggs! 


Event Hosts black and Jes have put together a series of minigames with a twist… they all take place in just one room! Do you think you can beat it?


Head to [Connect] Easter One Room Maze owned by Connect to put your mazing skills to the ultimate test.


Everyone who completes the room will win the following badge:

There will also be a screenshot raffle to win 1,000 Diamonds in our Discord server

We hope you all enjoy our events as much as we all enjoyed making them!


With love,
The Connect Staff Team
@elifcameron / @mickylah / @paigesquish


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wooo happy easter


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Happy Easter !

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wooo happy easter

Mhh eggs. Delicious

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