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Hello everyone! It is with a heavy heart that we announce the end of Boon Adventures.

We thank everyone for participating in our monthly quests and events. It has been a fun and unforgettable few years.With our current schedules, it is currently unfeasible for the current Boon Adventures article hosts to continue the article. We thank current and past Boon Builders team members for everything they have done for Habboon. Our past and present quests will continue to be open for all to enjoy.


linds & cookie

We're here to stay!!



Welcome to Boon Adventures with your hosts, linds and cookie!



BA Leader

BA Leader


And your Boon Builder’s team staff members: bow, duh and milk!






BB Staff

BB Staff

BB Staff




This is a monthly article based on various event-related games, including but not limited to:


mazes wired games board games mind games escape rooms competitions


Some of these games are designed to test your wit, your patience, and your problem-solving skills, while others are competitive and fun for everyone. On the 1st of every month (unless otherwise), a new game or event will be up for you lucky Booners to participate in to challenge yourselves and win some nifty things!


Everything we make is assisted by the Boon Builders Team!

You can view the members who helped create this theme below! Give them a big THANK YOU when you see them in-client!







Builder; Wirer

Builder; Wirer

Badge Maker

Without further ado … drumroll … our next theme for the month of April is:


The Rebirth of a Legend...and a True Hero's Challenge

Polish your sword and get your shield out on this classic adventure!

The hero, Link (which is YOU), embarks on a journey to defeat Ganondorf who terrorises the land of Hyrule. You need to explore the open-world environment filled with various obstacles and enemies. You also need to seek a variety of items to help you in your quest. At last, find the sages’ temples and awaken them to help you overthrow Ganondorf and save Princess Zelda.


Aside from the main quest, we also have a side quest for you to discover! You need to find the Great Fairy and she will tell you more about what this side quest is and earn a prize!


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time quest opens on April 03, 2024.

To start, go to  [LoZ-OoT] Link's Treehouse owned by BoonAdventures.

Below are the awesome badges you can obtain in this quest!




Get ready for some fun The Legend of Zelda themed in-client events this month!  



We will be hosting these events periodically throughout the month and will notify everyone when the events will be hosted in our Boon Adventures discord server! Don’t forget to join and react in the #roles channel to receive an Event Notification role ping when we are hosting!


1-player auto game

It's time to show who is the real hero of Hyrule! In true zelda spirit, there are tons of mini games ready to defeat! The Zelda autogame is an obstacle course you need to finish before Ganon does!



Prizes: 3 Boon Adventures Tokens and a badge.


6-player hosted event


Tired of the automatic racing game? Well, in the Goron races it's time to work hard for the victory! Compete as a Goron to reach the finish line first and claim your reward! 


Prizes: 3 Boon Adventures Tokens and a badge.



1 vs 1 hosted event

Beat your opponent in this special Zelda edition of bowling! Rules are explained in the room itself. This event will be hosted throughout the month.


Prizes: 2 Boon Adventures Tokens and a badge.


Multiplayer hosted event


The objective of this game is to eliminate the users by kicking them, while trying to avoid being kicked yourself. Only way to win the game is by finding the hidden teleport that is within one of the rooms!


Prizes: 10 Boon Adventures Tokens and a badge.



Click the discord icon below to join our Boon Adventures discord server!

Make sure to join our discord server and react in the #roles channel to receive event notifications. 



Your usual monthly Bingo brought to you by BA! 

 Users will need to sign-up in the designated bingo channel on our discord server. 

We will only have ONE (1) sign-up period for the whole month. Watch out for the announcement! You may receive a similar bingo card compared to others depending on its availability. Detailed rules, announcements, and updates will be posted in the bingo channel!


 Instructions: The host will list out words and players will need to mark their cards if they get the words called just like regular bingo! The first player to type the word “bingo” and send the correct bingo card is the winner. 


Prizes: 20 Boon Adventures Tokens and a badge.



Hylian is the main language in the Kingdom of Hyrule. In this game, players are presented with text written in the said language. It is your task to decipher and translate the text by using the link below as your guide. 


You are given a certain amount of time to decipher the text. You will put your answer on the Google Forms prepared by the organiser. Take note: we will be using different Google Forms links for each round of the game. If more than one player got the correct answer, the organiser will use a random name picker to determine the winner. 


Hylian Language Guide


Prizes: 15 Boon Adventures Tokens and a badge.



Puzzles based on the Ocarina Songs in the game. The host will post a song from the game with missing icons. Users must draw in the correct icons. The first to send the correct full picture is the winner.


Prizes: 10 Boon Adventures Tokens and a badge.



The members on our Boon Builders team do so much for the hotel by creating fun and unique events each month. So, of course, they deserve some compensation! 


Above are the winners for three different categories:


Builders, Wired Experts and Graphics/Badge Creators.


 For Builders, we have user Jade. You can preview this user’s work in the following rooms:

[LoZ-OoT] Kokiri Forest

[LoZ-OoT] Forest Training Center

[LoZ-OoT] Lost Woods Bridge
[LoZ-OoT] Hyrule Field
[LoZ-OoT] Market
… and more!


 For Wired Experts, we have user bow. You can preview this user’s work in the following rooms:

[LoZ-OoT] Forest Training Center

[LoZ-OoT] Castle Courtyard 1
[LoZ-OoT] Lost Woods 

[LoZ-OoT] Sacred Forest Meadow - Maze
[LoZ-OoT] Zora's River
… and more!


 For Pixel Artist, we have user milk. You can preview this user’s work in the following rooms/graphics/badges:


King Zora
… and more!


For Badge Creators, we have user duh. You can preview this user’s work in the following badges:

Each winner is determined by who did the most in each category AND how hard they worked. The top winner in each category will receive 500 diamonds and a badge that matches our theme.



Congratulations to the Boon Builders members above! 



Big thank you to the entire Boon’s Builders team for providing most of the building, graphics, badges and wired help on all of the rooms. We want to let them know we appreciate all of the work each member does. You guys deserve so much praise.


You can notice them in the hotel wearing one of the badges below!



 If you’d like to join the team, click here to submit an application!


Join the Boon Adventures discord server by clicking here where you can get information quickly, join competitions, and get help in rooms sooner.


If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, feel free to PM one of us on Discord.


lindsgal   •   thelma



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