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If you didn’t know, June is Habboon’s birthday month

This year we will be turning 11 years old. ?


To make it special, our amazing staff have planned a variety of exciting events to keep everyone in a celebratory mood. 

Check out all the festivities we have planned below!


Massive thank you to milk for the amazing GFX!


We’ll be hosting a huge party to celebrate Habboon’s birthday!


The party is planned to take place on Friday 28th June at 7:30pm BST.


The theme of the night is...

Fancy Dress! 


Best Dressed





500 Diamonds

400 Diamonds

300 Diamonds

Best Dressed Couple

300 Diamonds Each


King & Queen




600 Diamonds

Diamond Crown

600 Diamonds

Diamond Tiara

All users who attend the ball will receive the badge below!

Massive thank you to milk for the amazing GFX!


It’s been an 11 years of rollercoaster ride with Habboon and we want everyone to reminisce about the old times in this fun and exciting Boon’s Birthday Bash Maze


Start your journey down memory lane by heading to

[Staff] Habboon Hub owned by Kaydee


This room can also be found on the Staff Picks section of the Navigator.

Complete the maze to win these amazing badges!


Massive thank you to duh for the amazing GFX & badges!




A number of lucky players via randomizer wired will get a chance to play and win the grand prize. Prizes include credits and diamonds.


Before starting the game, you have to pick a case that you think has the grand prize.


During each round of the game, you will open a number of cases that you think have the smallest amount


The goal for each round is to open cases with smaller amounts to have a higher offer from the banker. The higher the average amount you opened per round, the lower the offer.


If you take the offered deal, the game's over and you will take their offer. If you say “No Deal”, the game will continue.


If you take no deals all throughout the rounds, whatever’s inside the suitcase you initially chose before the game started will be your prize.


Hosted until 30th June




Massive thank you to milk for the amazing GFX!


Welcome to the sweetest celebration in Habboon history! 


Join us as we commemorate 11 amazing years with a cake designing contest

This contest is your chance to showcase your creativity, skill, and love for all things Habboon. 


Design a cake based off of the provided template. 

All participants will be entered into a wheel for drawing. 



100 Diamonds each for 3 winners!


Join kie & storms on Snapshot of the Week, which is now celebrating Habboon’s birthday! 


Everyone who participates and submits until the end of June will receive our exclusive party hat badge!

To: Habboon


Happy 11th Birthday!


From: Author of the Week


Celebrate with us and win a yummy limited edition Boon Birthday badge! 

Everyone who enters will receive the badge automatically.


Write a short story or poem about your best memories and time on Boon! Showcase to everyone your happy moments, the amazing friends you have met and your favourite things about Habboon.


The article will be published Tuesday 25th June.


Massive thank you to carleigh for the amazing GFX!


Celebrate Habboon’s 11th in this special edition of Guess the Furni! 


To mark this special occasion, we’re thrilled to unveil our brand-new game, designed to take your GTF experience to the next level! 

Curious to learn more? Check out the Guess the Furni article now!


All participants earn the new birthday badge until the end of June!




We hope you’ll wish Habboon a Happy Birthday and continue to celebrate with us!

With love,


The Habboon Staff Team

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me and boyband are going as a couple


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: boyband me Please


bow 1 month ago

wooop woop happy birthday


Aron 1 month ago

Happy Birthday Habboon!!


boyband 1 month ago

who wanna be my partner to the ball frrrr

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me and boyband are going as a...

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