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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How am I able to get a strike in GOTW?
    Strikes are given to users for various reasons within the GOTW competition. You may be given a strike for the following:
    • • Disrespecting an event host continuously.
    • • Abusing users in a staff-supervised event room.
    • • Cheating (giving answers, rigging etc)
    • • Teaming (telling people who to pick, walking out to let users win etc)
  • How am I able to get a strike for hosting in GOTW?
    Strikes for hosting are given out for various reasons, too. You may be given a strike for the following:
    • • Abusing members in your own events.
    • • Kicking or banning a user from the room. (Kicking is only prohibited with staff permission. Always request a summon first.)
    • • Faulty wired that causes the events to stop.
    • • Rigging events for specific users to win.
    • • Refusing staff co-operation, if a supervisor tries to help/guide you.
    If you believe that you have been given a strike for unfair circumstances, please find an administrator in-game.

  • What happens if I get a strike for hosting in GOTW?
    No action will be taken during your first or second strike, but they will contribute to you being closer to a third strike. Gaining a third strike means that you will not be able to host for an entire month until that third strike is gone. Strikes remain on your account for one month and are automatically removed when a month has passed.

  • What games can I host at an event?
    These games are NOT allowed to be hosted at an event: Nervous Game, Kick the Ugly, Falling Furni, Mole, Take Me Out, Roleplays, Casinos, Hang Out/Chill rooms/Snog Rooms, Don't Wake Grandma, Cozzie Change (specifically a room dedicated ONLY to CC). Any of these rooms will be declined as an event request if you attempt to :eha them and get them hotel alerted.
Player Rules
  • If you are playing, here are a few things to take note:
  • • Do not share answers.
  • • Do not leave events purposely with the intention to let your friends win.
  • • Do not exclude people in 'last to's.' - This is known as teaming and if this occurs, you will NOT be able to place in the top three for that week.
Please also keep in mind that events are meant to be fun for everyone! This means being respectful to both the host and other players!
  • Strike 1: Users will not be able to place in the article for the corresponding week.
  • Strike 2: Users will not be able to receive GOTW points.
  • Strike 3: Users will not be allowed to play any staff alerted events for the rest of the week.
Host Rules
  • If you are hosting, here are a few things to take note:
  • • Please ensure that your events room is fully functional (e.g games have been wired properly, other users do not have rights in your events room etc).
  • • The minimum hosting time is 30 minutes and the maximum is 1 hour. For each 30 minutes that you host, you will receive 1 GOTW point. These will be given after you have hosted providing that you do NOT get striked as a host by the end.
  • • You cannot host events immediately after hosting, meaning that another player must host before you are able to host again.
  • • Should you happen to disconnect whilst hosting, you will have 5 minutes to return.
  • • You are not allowed to rig events for certain users to win.
  • • You are not allowed to kick (without staff permission), ban or mute users.
  • • Above all, ensure that everything remains FAIR for all players.
  • • Should you fail to comply to them, you will receive one strike. One strike will last for a month. In the case you receive three strikes, you will not be able to host again until the first strike has been removed.