236 Boons Online

Last Man Standing - Australia Time Zone

After 86 hours of no-sleep and political correctness game-play, we finally have three crowned winners:

- Regina (86 hours!)
- ThatsCringey (85 hours!)
- Png (78 hours!)

Last Man Standing - British Time Zone

Despite starting later than the Aussies, the Brits didn't last as long but still put up a good fight of over 24 hours no-sleep to reach 35 hours and would probably go longer with stronger competition next time.

- Pro (35 hours!)
- JacobSatorious (34 hours!)
- Georgios (30 hours!)

Last Man Standing - American Time Zone

Starting the latest, but ending the quickest (LOL!), we have the Americans. Useless as always but still loved for their presence .. which is still questionable sometimes.

- Isometric (30 hours!)
- Uchiha (28 hours!)

Due to some unfortunate complications, we're still arranging a third winner. 

Thanks to all who attended and gave it a shot. Maybe next time you'll be on this list! All winners will have the prizes placed on their account by Friday.

Now get some sleep and prepare for Easter(?). You sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad but lovable, individuals.

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