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Hello Habboon!

Luckily for the month of March, there’s a wide range of activities for you guys to participate in for the rest of the month with two different themes: St. Patrick’s Day alongside Scooby-Doo! There will be plenty of events such as a quest, carnival, relay race, and much more where you can win badges and other exciting things!

Continue reading to find out what all the events are!

March 11th - March 31st

There will be a St. Patrick’s themed event where there will be four teams consisting of three players each, that will race through the various events. Once the first partner finishes and pulls the lever, the next person goes and so on. If you are lucky and your team is the first to be sitting in your chairs after racing, you will receive the badge below and another prize!

March 11th - March 31st

Will you be lucky enough to find all the pots of gold that sneaky Elisa has spread through the hotel? Make sure to check out all of the public rooms and Elisa’s open rooms, to find and count all the pots for the chance to win the badge below as well as 50 diamonds. Make sure you look closely, as objects are not always in plain sight!

March 11th - March 31st

For the remainder of the month, there will be a casino built specifically for the holiday which will be listed on the staff picks in the navigator - where there will be some competitions, games, betting, and the chance to receive the badge below for participating or just overall lounging and socializing in the room!

March 11th - March 31st

Those pesky and not-so-sneaky advertisers come onto the hotel each day causing disruption and frustration throughout the hotel! Usually when you report them, you would receive the typical badge that everyone gets after reporting them... but not for the month of March! Report an advertiser, and you get the following badge below only for the rest of the month!


11th - March 31st

Throughout the month, along with the above events, all staff will be hosting a St. Patrick's themed carnival mixed with luck and skill games! You will be able to play this more than once, to earn diamonds and the badges below!

March 11th - March 31st

Ruh Roh! You arrive in Crystal Cove to meet the Scooby-Doo gang only to find five monsters on the loose! Not just any monsters, they are ones that the gang has already unmasked: The Tar Monster, Captain Cutler, The Mummy, 10,000 Volt Ghost and Miner Forty-Niner! Jinkies, who could have stolen the costumes from the Spook Museum? Solve the mystery with the gang to earn badges, play some new and exciting games, and to figure out which staff members are the monsters terrorizing Crystal Cove!

Search “linds” in the navigator to find the room [SDQ] Entrance to start.

Come on gang, we’ve got a mystery to solve!

As well as the normal quests that the staff makes each month, we’re adding a few events along with the Scooby-Doo theme! All of these events will be hosted till the end of March with no specific days or times, as they will be hosted more than once. Each event is ran by different staff members and will be given out various badges and prizes.

March 11th - March 31st

Do you want to be part of the Scooby Doo gang and help catch monsters? Show us what you can do in our tryouts! With teams of four, you have to complete 5 different levels.

Every level you and your team have a limited time to complete the challenge, if you fail to succeed, you’ll have to start all over again!

Search “MOD-Wout” in the navigator to find the room Mystery Inc. Tryouts to start.

(split into 4 badges)

Join linds on spending a few hours watching the classic tales of Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated! Not only do you get a participating badge, you also get to spend a few spare hours talking to new people and watching movies with a great group of users.

There will be more than one movie night event, so keep an eye out for edits on the article or hotel alerts to join in on more movie night fun!

Saturday, March 15th

5:00 P.M MDT • 11:00 P.M GMT

Can you dress as sophisticated as Velma? As clean as Freddy? As pristine as Daphne? As wild as Shaggy? Or as… doglike as Scooby?

Well, here’s your chance to prove it! Dress as any character ever shown on any Scooby Doo movie, television show, book, or picture and submit them by clicking the submission button below by the due date, and the top three will receive a cool badge!

Saturday, March 30th at 11:59 P.M

Are you into making amazing Habboon outfits? To the hip with the latest fashion on the hotel? Constantly complimented and looked up too for wearing a work of art?

Join Zeek by participating in his Scooby Doo themed Cozzie Change where you compete against other amazing outfit creators on the hotel to win the badge below and see who’s deemed the CC winner of the month!

We hope you all enjoy the festivities this month! If you have suggestions for new events/quests/games you want to see on the hotel, be sure to speak with linds or autumn in-game or on discord!

Habboon Staff

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