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We're keen to get some progression going on with Habboon, but we'd like to hear from you first. 

July marks Habboon's sixth birthday (under our ownership), in which we're planning to go all out with events and new features. So with that said, leading up to July we'd like to get as much user input as possible on new ways to innovate Habboon to improve on the foundation that already exists.

Your input is valuable to us and we'd appreciate if you'd take a small amount of time to just leave us any ideas that you have and would like to see fleshed out and brought to Habboon as our developers are willing to code quality features that users want to see on our hotel. A small insight of upcoming features that our developers have recently been working on can be found in our Habboon Hub (the bots at the back, the pinata system etc.) or over on our updates article found here

So if you have any features that you miss, would like to see brought to Habboon, unique custom features to a certain extent (which improve the user experience) then make sure to leave a comment below on what you'd like to see. 

Despite the features being our main focus, if you have any furniture requests or bug fixes that you would also like to see - feel free to leave a comment below too. However, attention will mainly be brought to suggested features as we'd like to improve on Habboon and allow our developers to go wild with coding new things. 

Thanks for reading and thanks for taking time out your day to comment with some suggestions - appreciate it, like always. 

To remain apart of the discussion, feel free to join our Discord.

Comments (67)

Owl 1 year ago

I'd like to see, more events, more clothings to put. Also the VIP catalogue, please add more rares exclusively for VIP only. Customize your retro client as well, just like NGH. Thank you!

hossbrookshero 1 year ago

bring back boon happenings

xDatBoii96 1 year ago

I've already seen a comment but I'll say it. Radio please. Boon FM

blsm 1 year ago

more skin colors

Aranak 1 year ago

Fix the horses pet glitch and add Victorian II furni! On another retro we saw a furni that let people change the color of their eyes, like a clothing and we could definitely use some new clothing/furni in general like ay hook us up

Alec- 1 year ago

- Putting a certain item in the floor but in bulks - Moving All items/Some items at once This is good thing for builders. I think.

Gez 1 year ago


Mental 1 year ago

Reset economy. Bring back casinos.

Regina 1 year ago

Ability to trade badges!!

Olivia_Sammarco 1 year ago

More custom clothing

hossbrookshero 1 year ago

bring back boon fm

ysl 1 year ago

i want tony stark back and patryk unbanned ty christian boy <3

jtx 1 year ago

Bring back BoonRadio !!

majooroofs 1 year ago

Have the ignore button to also hide said user in rooms so as well as not seeing them type, we don't see their avatar either, or just implement a 'hide' button if possible that works the same

wisslan 1 year ago

I'm seconing the old home ages!!! Those were amazing <3<3<33<3

hossbrookshero 1 year ago

maybe a daily gift thing maybe more custom furn

pops 1 year ago

I need more custom clothes- WE need more custom clothes.

Juice. 1 year ago

a keep me logged in button

XR6 1 year ago

a command to convert credits into duckets but have duckets cost more - 100k credits for 10k duckets maybe for vip users only possibly to lower excessive alt accounts being created and also have each purchase logged

tori 1 year ago

Home pages you could edit, like in original habbo - with the stickers, trax players, links to badges & rooms. etc ^^

xxLeoDarrenxx 1 year ago

YouTube Video Player in room. Triggered by room owner and allow all users in the room to watch the same video played. Thank you!

Maxwell 1 year ago

Leader board Wired Plz

Boggie 1 year ago

group chats

Hawra 1 year ago

Youtube jukeboxes, more rares avaliable (even if its for a short period of time!), more badges and more clothes and furni in general :)

childish 1 year ago

a dj/radio system - can hire some dj's and it could promote more users to boon.

pomf 1 year ago

the fursuit

calf 1 year ago

Perhaps bringing back custom tracks for the jukebox and an additional few pages in the clothing changer to add looks! Also maybe some more opportunities to win badges or the ability to trade them would be nice.

yaoi 1 year ago

give the ability to ride horses, even when there isn't a horse pet in the room.

tart 1 year ago

be able to deafen juxeboxes if they're active in rooms

FriedrichSteiner 1 year ago

bring back some rare clothings, like sweaters, scarves, hats, etc.

summerlouise 1 year ago

to be able to ride a horse

bored$15919 1 year ago

a pornhub redirection link on main account page

Visorax 1 year ago

Make these rares available: Dragon of Destructio... Darkstar Dragons

MichaelPorters 1 year ago

More events, ambassador info session.

Yikers 1 year ago

I agree with the others suggesting more clothing. More unnatural skin colours too, would be great for us cozzie change players :)

cormac 1 year ago

More custom clothings and custom furnis like other retros!!!!

pespidoge 1 year ago

Keep them coming.

ashley 1 year ago

more clothing & more badges available for users !

gen5 1 year ago

auto games such as ones from habborp (colour wars, mafia wars, ctf etc) implemented on boon.pw client

cam 1 year ago

I want to be unbanned from the Habboon Discord!

Beby 1 year ago

youtube jukebox - ive seen other hotels have it

dowi 1 year ago

can we have duplication of builds and paste it on a certain location you want? it will be extremely helpful

Gez 1 year ago

DJ section that will play into client to add on jobs :D

Regina 1 year ago

Bring back bear badges <3

Sonne. 1 year ago

Oneway gates in the shop

jptr 1 year ago

I want to be unbanned from the Habboon Discord!

majooroofs 1 year ago

there should be an option for users to be able to mute certain words like ur able to do on twitter

hossbrookshero 1 year ago

a radio on the home page maybe more balls

horror 1 year ago

Something I personally would love to see, would be a rotating shop of Badges. Different badges, that we haven't seen before, that cost x coins and x pixels, and never become available or so again after x hours/days or so on.

aw 1 year ago

Extending the Wired Limit by 5 per VIP rank. Adding a command to mimic a bot or an option in the pop-up menu when you click a bot. It would also be awesome to see the Talents roadmap working again, and maybe even tweaked to be specified for Habboon.

horror 1 year ago

More mazes, quests and generally opportunities to win badges, diamonds, rares and so on! Maybe two mazes a month or so could be a good idea? My idea is that one of the mazes is open the first half of the month and the other is open the second half.

hossbrookshero 1 year ago

think a boon b day party because its been about 6 years

Gaz 1 year ago

What mod-canadian said

oliver 1 year ago

pespidoge quitting

Canadian 1 year ago


Ueda 1 year ago

Being able to wear more than one item of clothing from the same section; a coat and gloves

Yakhehpeh 1 year ago

It'd be nice for both better clothes, and more building things, Stuff like Harry Potter etc, to make it more realistic and satisfying.

aw 1 year ago

A Jukebox in the Habboon Hub! Insert a youtube link that will play the song/video to the entire room. Users can mute the jukebox if they don't want to hear anything. (Cost 10c each video you suggest!)

LuvlyAngel 1 year ago

I would appreciate seeing a fix in the pet enables..if possible. In more depth I mean that you are able to train them and that they actually EAT the food you buy. I would also appreciate it if more unique furni was added.

lilbabylala 1 year ago

more trendy clothes please

mema 1 year ago

more dances and custom clothes and enables periodt no tampon bye

ItsDrac 1 year ago

More room editing features! :D

carnage 1 year ago

staff made/owned mazes and more auto games please <3

toast 1 year ago

we should be able to wear more than one hat/coat at a time

Su 1 year ago

Habbo classic trax and making our own music

Amber_Taruli 1 year ago

More custom clothes please

Sledmore 1 year ago


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bring back boon happenings

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