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Community Spotlight!

Habboon is a strange place full of awesome people! There is a ton of different communities that love to log in and use the hotel to roleplay, play games, host events and meet new people! This article is used to highlight members and community of the hotel.

Fun Games!

User Clyp has created an awesome automated tic-tac-toe game. No game host is needed, just you and a friend, to play this great game. It follows basic tic-tac-toe rules where you aim to get 3 of your colours in a row to win your opponent, with winner stays on. Search "owner:Clyp" in the navigator to give it a try with your friend!


Habboon is full of many different roleplaying communities which is one of the main attractions to the hotel. We get old and new roleplayers always joining and/or returning to check out what's new! This part of the article will be used to give a roleplay a shout-out for being awesome and helping out members of Habboon with joining.

Star Wars Roleplay (can be found on the navigator by searching '[SWRP]' is one of the oldest roleplaying communities around with 15+ years of history. Migrating over to Habboon in recent years, they're one of the friendliest communities on the hotel (also Agency of the Year.. somehow)! Ever wanted to get into roleplaying? Check them out and I'm sure they'll be more than happy to help you join.


Habboon features many different events, staff-supervised and user-created, which help keep the hotel feeling lively and exciting. During the past week many users have hosted great events. However, the stand-out host of the week is user Katie who has hosted consistently good events. So if you see her name on the event alert then make sure to check her events out. 

Poppin' Rooms!

The navigator on Habboon is always poppin' off with new user-created rooms that are either chill, hanging or betting. However, the one room that has caught our eye this week with consistently great user count and a chill atmosphere is [AH] New build, OPEN! owned by Calvin! It's a Habboon High School environment which is great to roleplay in, chill out in and also to make new friends. Give it a visit if you ever get bored! You won't regret it.

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Junior 8 months ago

I'll beat anyone at Tic Tac Toe

326 8 months ago

Love this new type of article! SWRP's always been on the navigator, maybe I'll check it out!

meg 8 months ago

cool stuff

boop 8 months ago

the fact that Mistress Kylie's BDSM dungeon is not on here for best room, it's totally rigged that is the best room and a whole lot of fun.. how much are u paying to get rooms on here i'll double it!

jan 8 months ago

look at me go

Bussy$15980 8 months ago


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I'll beat anyone at Tic Tac To...

Love this new type of article!...

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