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thank you linds for the gfx!

Welcome to Boon's Big Brain Academy!

By Boon's very own Big Brain Professor Lily!

Boon's very own article to allow our best brainboxes to stand out and be praised on a high pedestal of intellectual pride. Throughout the many future weekly publications of this article, users will face troubling adversaries, puzzles that make you stop to think, and well thought-out riddles to keep your brain at work.

Make sure to take a quick study break before doing this article, as you'll probably be around for quite a while trying to figure it out.

There aren't many rules to the article, except that we plead you do not share your answers! The more people you share your answers with, the less chance you have at winning anything as the winner pool will grow larger. All answers must be obtained on your own (meaning you cannot share the puzzle on any website asking for answers) or will result in disqualification. Submissions with the right answers will be entered in a draw to determine who graduates!

Once you think you've got the correct answer, please hit the submit button below. You will need to provide logical reasoning for your answer to verify that you truly know how to solve the puzzle!

Time to get your neurons working, academicians; this week's puzzle is here!

Give it a shot and let us know when you think you're done by submitting your answer!




Good luck!



DEADLINE: May 15th, 11:59 PM EDT  

You have all thought long and hard on last week's puzzle, but only one academician can graduate!
Here is this week’s graduate, followed by the brainiacs who have solved last week’s puzzle and had the correct reasoning:


These people all had the same (valid) reasoning. I couldn't accept their answers, unfortunately, (sorry!!) as every number between 13 and 99 would work with their reasoning. That was obviously an error on my part but I promise to make sure the puzzles only have 1 clear answer in the future!


Congratulations to all!

Please find lily online for your prize. 

Every week, the answer to the previous week’s puzzle will be revealed in this section!
Below is last week's answer:

thanks cookie for this nifty badge!

Graduates will be able to show off this cool graduation cap and diploma! 

More prizes TBA

 Thank you for reading!
We hope to see you next week for more brain training! 

For questions and suggestions, feel free to contact lily#3900 on discord.

your big brain professor, 


Comments (10)

326 5 months ago

Kicking myself that I didn't get last weeks, it seems so easy looking at it now!

Wednesday 5 months ago

I submitted a very confusing answer. You're welcome xx

lily 5 months ago

yes -- everyone who got the right answer will be entered in a draw to decide the graduate (or graduates depending on the amount of entries)

szomebody 5 months ago

wait, so only the graduate wins the prize and the other brainiacs don't win anything, is that right?

tina 5 months ago

watch me win >:)

meg 5 months ago


kiss 5 months ago

i see colors OMG RAINBOW?

Deniss 5 months ago

ahh got it, thanks! it's still cool, ty for hosting this!!

lily 5 months ago

any number starting and ending with 8 would have worked tbh this layout is wack tho might have to change it for next week

Deniss 5 months ago

ahhh, nice tho!! GOOD JOB KELLY!! so does this means that correct answer was 8 and 88?

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Kicking myself that I didn't g...

I submitted a very confusing a...

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