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(a big round of applause to user mil for the cute gfx)

Welcome to Boon Adventures!

This is a monthly article based on various event-related games, including but not limited to:

mazes, wired games, board games, mind games, escape rooms & competitions.

Some of these games are decided to test your wit, your patience and your problem-solving skills, including competitiveness and fun for everyone!

On the 1st of every month (unless otherwise), a new game or event will be up for you lucky Booners to participate in to challenge yourselves and win some nifty things!


Everything we make is assisted by the Boon Builders’ Team.

(information about the Boon Builders’ Team at the end of the article)


For the month of January, we’re going to be doing the theme: Crime!


Our main focus with Crime this month is a large quest with three sub-quests called Operation Frank!

. . .

Gathering Information is the first sub-quest to this large quest. 

Work as a mastermind and find out vital information about our victim, Frank - who we will plot to kidnap! Yes, that’s right… you need to gather information about Frank’s personal lifetime before he occupies his day-to-to job in the Habboon Hub!

This will be done with a series of games that will help you learn more about our victim in order to prepare you for the wicked masterplan!

Search: [GI] Habboon Lane to start this quest.

(owned by user: BoonAdventures)

Opening on January 7th

Gathering Materials is the second sub-quest to this large quest.

Work as a mastermind and find all the relevant materials needed whilst roaming around to the right places within the city! You need to be extra careful as we can’t afford the public to have suspicions about your odd-doings. This will really test your wit and those who are not quick enough could get caught out.

This will be done with a series of games that will help you gather each of the vital materials needed in order to prepare you for the wicked masterplan!

Search: [GM] Habboon North Town Centre to start this quest.

(owned by user: BoonAdventures)

Opening on January 7th

Kidnapping Frank is the final sub-quest to this large quest.

Now that you have been patient and waited for this perfect opportunity to apply your knowledge and resources from the previous sub-quests, your superior reckons it is time you executed the masterplan! You will finally have all the freedom to search Frank’s house and prepare yourself for the finale - but be careful because Frank might just appear in his house at any given time!

This will be done with a series of games that will lead to the final room where you finally win this large quest and successfully kidnap our victim and complete the Operation Frank quest!

Search: [KF] Briefing Room to start this quest.

(owned by user: BoonAdventures)

Opening on January 14th

Prepare yourselves to play a bit of good ol’ Town of Salem: a simple game that focuses on a feud between Town and Mafia citizens, testing your intelligence in crime-related situations.

This will be a hosted event by user hus and morgs in-client and all prizes will be funded by them.

In order to stay updated with this event, we’d appreciate it if you joined the official Boon Adventures Discord Server by clicking here!

If you have never played Town of Salem, don’t worry because we try our best to explain it in the designated channels for this event in the Discord Server linked above!

Get ready for the biggest artistic project you’ve ever seen on Habboon with our Graffiti Grab event!

Graffiti Grab is an event that will be hosted in-client by user mil and all prizes will be funded by her.

It is a four-player game that includes competitively finding all their colours to complete their graffiti art! The first player to find all their colours and complete their graffiti art will be crowned the winner of the event.

Here are the results for last month’s elf on the shelf!

The winner is . . . kiss!

Find user linds on-client to grab your badge and prize!

A big thank you to the entire Boon Builders’ team for providing most of the building, graphics, badges and wired help on all of the rooms and projects. There are a lot of members to list, but you can notice them in-client wearing one of the badges below!

If you'd like to join the team, click here to submit an application!

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, feel free to PM one of us on Discord.

lindsay#0001 & lily#3900 & thelma#0550




hus#3330 & mil#7574 & mar#7926 & michaela#5556

(the Boon Builders’ Staff team who organized this month!)

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devi 8 months ago

btw Frank is my ex boyfriend and user Desirees father too probably idk ill get back to you on that one.

iguanahare 8 months ago

you guys awesome

ewz 8 months ago

great article, theme and team !!!!!!

devil 8 months ago

omg this is cute

mich 8 months ago

we are killing frank because he is car103's dad and so is responsible for him.

incensive 8 months ago

time for me to murder frank.......

Cameron 8 months ago

This month is super exciting! Let's get that crime bread

rezzella 8 months ago

ooooo i can't wait ((((:

Kuru 8 months ago

Ok nie now gimme that badge as a gift ty <3

hus 8 months ago


freckles 8 months ago

wooooo lets get frank!!!

cookie 8 months ago

WOO round of applause to bb leaders hus, michaela, mil and invidia!!

els 8 months ago

so exciting !!!

lily 8 months ago

bb leaders were hard at work for this month :]

Kieren 8 months ago

WOOO can't wait!! also well done nie <3

kiss 8 months ago

Omg yay, how fun! Compact and optimized this month <3

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btw Frank is my ex boyfriend a...

you guys awesome

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