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Welcome to WTFriday!

This week's edition of WTFriday is brought to you by 326!

But... what is WTFriday?

Well, I'm glad you asked. WTFriday is a bi-weekly article where you, or any user, can learn more about the staff members here at Habboon. You can enter in ANY question you want to know about them (that's right... ANY question) with the chance of it being published in a WTFriday article and win a super cool badge! Of course, the questions must be clean and appropriate, however.

You are able to ask two different types of questions. The first being a personal question and the second being a group question.

What is the difference between a 'Personal' and 'Group' question?

A personal question is one that is directly aimed at a specific staff member. Only they will answer this question for you. Whereas a group question is asked to the entire staff team and anyone who responds on the staff team will be published, no matter how crazy. Remember, it is important to ask those personal questions also!

What happens if my question is picked?

If you get chosen, your question will be featured (and answered) in our bi-weekly article and you will also receive one of four WTFriday exclusive badges which you can see below!



skye, Asks Natalie: Why did you want to become a staff in the first place, like was their any key points that you put in your application?

Natalie (Moderator): Good question! Honestly I just like helping people, plus I spent a lot of time on the game prior to becoming staff so I just decided to apply

strawberry Asks cookie: Hi cookie! what has been your favourite BA quest theme to do so far? :)

cookie (Moderator): Oh gosh this is tough to answer! Bikini Bottom Adventure (Spongebob) is probably one of my all time favorites, just because everything is custom drawn by me!! I can’t wait for it to be released soon!!


soph Asks: Backpack wearables are iconic so if you could design your own backpack wearable, what would it look like?

linds (Community Leader): flounder backpack

devi (Administrator): if I could design one it'd have a puppy in a lil puppy safe backpack

annabelle (Administrator): User wouafs avatar <33

tonta (Administrator): It would be a mini backpack with thin straps and would be one colour.. bc I’m plain sorry

put (Moderator): It would be silver/grey or white with a crescent moon in the middle

Clyp (Moderator): Peppa Pig Backpack.

hus (Moderator): Probably a diamond one to match the diamond wreath/crown but in the form of the teddy backpack bc thats my fav backpack!!!

cookie (Moderator): I actually designed one of my own for the Christmas welcome lounge! I turned the teddy backpack into a gingerbread man backpack!! I still wish it was a real wearable :(

326 (Moderator): As long as it has a sloth inside I will be happy

p (Moderator): My avatars head

dynamic (Moderator): It would have Gucci colors.

els (Moderator): Maybe a mix of the harmony set bag and the meow backpack! i think that would be so cute.

Tarasque (Moderator): Probably something similar to the new cat backpack or the bear backpack but a fox, foxes are cute

chica (Moderator): hmmmm, probably a puppy backpack!

Natalie (Moderator): Ooo I'd probably have a butterfly backpack! Or a sunflower one, Idk both are cute!!

amore Asks: What kind of 'unpopular opinion' do you have?

linds (Community Leader): pineapple should not be on pizza

devi (Administrator): movies are boring

annabelle (Administrator): White chocolate is better than dark chocolate

tonta (Administrator): Petrol/diesel absolutely stinks OR dark choc is better than white choc

put (Moderator): I HATE cats, they are evil, I don't know how one can even say that they're better than dogs

Clyp (Moderator): Apple products are overrated.

hus (Moderator): Honestly nothing I can think of from the top of my head LMAO

cookie (Moderator): Hmm. I don’t like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s my least favorite Zelda game lol.


p (Moderator): all my opinions are popular because i have the best opinion

dynamic (Moderator): Respect is given and disrespect is earned.

els (Moderator): i LOVE pineapple on pizza :)

Tarasque (Moderator): Bolognese is the worst dinner ):<

chica (Moderator): brussels sprouts are delicious

That is it for this week, folks! Thank you for reading and to those who submitted questions. Remember, you can submit your own question by clicking the submit button above. 

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- 326

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Great article! < 3


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i love this article!!!


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woop woop, awesome article as always camerooooon!


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If you could make a new habboon drink name what would you call it?


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Groovy questions with groovy answers. Thanks gang!

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Great article! < 3

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