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Welcome to Boon Adventures with your hosts linds, cookie, lily and eden!

This is a monthly article based on various event-related games, including but not limited to:

mazes • wired games • board games • mind games • escape rooms • competitions

Some of these games are designed to test your wit, your patience, and your problem-solving skills, where others are competitive and fun for everyone. On the 1st of every month (unless otherwise), a new game or event will be up for you lucky Booners to participate in to challenge yourselves and win some nifty things!

Everything we make is assisted by the Boon’s Builders Team!

For the month of May, we’re going to be doing the theme(s): Habboon Summer Camp!

 “Only in the darkness, can you reach the stars.” 


Let the sunshine in and let summer begin! 

Boon Adventures is proud to announce the grand opening of Habboon Summer Camp!

This month is about gazing at the stars, singing campfire songs, and seeking asylum in the outdoors at your resident summer camp.


Habboon Summer Camp is an astrology themed summer camp that has a fully packed schedule of fun including a camp team point competitionauto gameshosted events, and discord events.


Head on over to get started on all of the fun!

 Search: "[BA] Habboon Summer Camp" to start! (owned by: cookie




There will be four camp teams led by different BA leaders and BB staff members! And, of course, these teams were named based on constellations!


canis major (the greater dog) led by cookie & Michaela 

cassiopeia (the seated queen) led by linds & devi 

cygnus (the swan) led by lily

orion (the hunter) led by chica & mil


Throughout the month, we will be hosting a Habboon Summer Camp Team Competition!

The top 20 members of the team with the most points at the end of the month will win an exclusive Celestial Constellation Lamp and an exclusive Habboon Summer Camp Team T-Shirt badge!


 How do I earn points? 


Easy! Once you are sorted, you must equip your team badge and get started on all of the Habboon Summer Camp festivities! There are two types of points you can win: teamwork points and individual points!


 Teamwork points are awarded when you win an autogame at Habboon Summer Camp. Teamwork points don’t count towards your own individual points, BUT they do count towards your camp team’s total points! These points are solely to boost your house up to the number one spot!


 Individual points DO count towards your total individual points! These can be earned at any of the hosted events (mixed events, etc) and discord events being hosted by Boon Adventures this month!


Make sure you are wearing your team badge during Habboon Summer Camp hosted events or you will not receive an individual point for winning a game!


 How can I see how many points my team has? 


Head on over to the main lodge at the Habboon Summer Camp main hub to view your summer camp team’s points and have a nice home cooked meal (we have lots of spaghetti)!



 Ready to join a team? 


Habboon Summer Camp has a schedule jam packed with fun camp activities that will help get your summer camp team to the lead (only if you win!). There will be auto gameshosted eventsdiscord events, and a woodland scavenger hunt!


Get ready to compete against other camp teams! Once you’ve been sorted, head on over to the team cabins where there are six auto games entrances outside! 


Each game must be played by people from opposite teams. You cannot play against the people in your teams, as you are competing for team points and it wouldn’t be fair! If you win against your opponent, you score 1 teamwork point for your summer camp team AND earn a badge for the game you play!


 Fishing - 1 vs 1

 Balance Jousting  - 1 vs 1

 Kayak Races - 3 vs 3

 Water Balloon Fight - 1 vs 1

 Archery - 1 player game

 Rock Paper Scissors - 1 vs 1


Head on over to get started on all of the fun!

 Search: "[BA] Habboon Summer Camp" to start! (owned by: cookie

Auto Games will be open on June 5th.



Throughout the month, camp team leaders will be hosting different Habboon Summer Camp events in which you have the possibility of earning individual points, an exclusive Summer Camp events badge, and other prizes!


 Habboon Summer Camp Events - regular mixed events room, summer camp style!

 Team Races - relay races in teams (egg on a spoon, sack race and ankle tied race)

 Tug of War - 5 players from 2 teams battle to pull the rope and get the flag onto their side!

 Capture the Flag - staff vs users event!


And we are hosting a...

Habboon Summer Camp’s spirit stick is missing and you must find it in the woods! With the help of your teammates, navigate the woods and overcome several puzzles to be the first team and player to find the spirit stick! The Woodland Scavenger Hunt will be a hosted event for all Summer Camp teams to compete in! 


The event will start in the [BA] Woodland Scavenger Hunt Events Room


We will announce when we will be hosting the Woodland Scavenger Hunt a few days in advance on our BA discord server, so stay tuned!


There will be an entrance to the actual scavenger hunt there and this will be first come, first serve style. 


Those who do not get to compete will be able to participate in playing events hosted in the Woodland Scavenger Hunt Events room for them to earn points for their summer camp team during the duration of the Scavenger Hunt. 


  It will only be hosted once (more if we can) and the scavenger hunt will consist of 20+ rooms. This will NOT be linear and each room will have multiple teleports that link to different rooms so it’s like a maze and people must find their way through it. So, yes, you might be going back and forth, but if you’re perceptive, each room will have a hint as to if you’re going the right way or not!  Because there will be no order to the room, there will be multiple ways to get to the finish room. Once users reach the finish and find the camp spirit stick, they will be teleported back to the events room in order as to who finished first, second, etc.


Prizes for the Scavenger Hunt are TBA (we will announce on the day of) but expect BIG prizes as this is a BIG event! 



Throughout the month, we will be hosting some events on our Boon Adventures discord server for users to be able to earn extra camp team points, an exclusive badge, and other prizes! 


 Nature Photo Competition - take your best photo of the nature around you! Users will submit a photo on our discord and voting will open on [X]. The photo with the most votes at the end of the day, wins!


 Constellation Creation - create your own constellation by writing short descriptions of it / how it was created and the stars!


 Click here to join our discord server! 



At summer camp, we like to learn about the constellations at night!


To get a good view of the stars, Habboon Summer Camp has the perfect destination: Habboon Peak. On the cliffside, you can get an extraordinary view and play the Star Gazing game. However, the only way to play is if you find the Telescope somewhere around camp!


Keep your eyes out, as there’s shooting stars and other things you can see in the sky if you are lucky!


Habboon Peak will be open on June 8th after construction has finished! Until then, find the telescope!



How can I win first place in GOTW? What is blocking me from adding my Boon Crush? 


Have you ever had these questions on your mind but never knew what was blocking you? 


Our Boon Builder’s resident tarot reader Devi is visiting Habboon Summer Camp and is opening up her tent to tarot and oracle readings! But, not everyone can get a reading as she’s a very busy Boon Builder janitor.


Once you’ve completed ALL six auto games and earned the badges, feel free to submit your username and question here to get your reading. While Devi may be a tarot reader at night, she is a janitor by day and might not be able to do too many requests. So, to offset the workload, if the submissions become too much users will be randomly selected for their reading.  


Big thank you to the entire Boon’s Builders team for providing most of the building, graphics, badges and wired help on all of the rooms. We want to let them know we appreciate all of the work each member does. You guys deserve so much praise.

You can notice them in the hotel wearing one of the badges below!

If you’d like to join the team, click here to submit an application!

Join the Boon Adventures server by clicking here where you can get information quickly, join competitions, and get help in rooms sooner.


If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, feel free to PM one of us on Discord. 

lindsay#0001 • lily#3900 • thelma#0550 • eden#4818

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faith 1 year ago

im tired of BA coming up with fun stuff that makes me wanna stay... im sick...


courtney 1 year ago

This is amazing!!!


kiss 1 year ago

If it's written in the Stars... so be it !


devi 1 year ago

Lol sister. how dare u say that about my cards!!!! IM SO ANGARIAN!!!!!!!!! jokes i love u all <3 cards say ur all so sexy


lily 1 year ago

Pay no mind to user Michaela, she's just a slimy slug


Michaela 1 year ago

the tarot cards just told me that if ur not in team canis major u suck lol


cookie 1 year ago



S8 1 year ago

way to gooooo


lily 1 year ago

Team Cygnus will prevail...

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im tired of BA coming up with...

This is amazing!!!

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