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Welcome to Habboon Happenings!

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We’re here to answer the frequently asked question: what’s happening on Habboon? Read the weekly post to check out spotlights on users, communities, and events. Ask advice and learn more about your own community. 

We’ll also post staff updates such as hirings, updates, and more!



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A reader asks, "How do you stay productive and on the go?"

linds: you definitely need to have good time management skills and sort your priorities. most important things needs to be done before anything for pleasure! have goals too to make yourself have a push :)

devi: Time management. Plan and work ahead and also allow yourself to have fun! I use a bullet journal and google calendar, so helpful.


A reader asks, "Share your best remedy for hiccups!"

linds: i take a huge swig of water and then swallow it all at the same time and then my hiccups poof, idek what but! it works! usually.





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Everyone is so busy working for GOTW points, serving coffee at Coffeehouse, and assisting Frank in cleaning the Welcome Lounge that we believe there should be a little fun mixed with business.

Below will be some games that you can do for fun in your spare time! Think you’re up for the challenge?



Why is linds mad and lily sleeping?

Submit your captions here!

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delicate with "Salmon had to say it, you're not up to scale."



Cookie and Lily created another custom clothing line "Summer", keep your eyes peeled on ways to win! 

The Habboon Staff & others have created their own Summer Events! Check out the large Pride article created by cookie and lily on the homepage! Winners have a chance to win items from the new Custom Summer Line!

Check out the Summer Clothing in the category for some early-bird summer attire.



The badges for all submissions will be according to the badges below!


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