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The time has come for another year of a Habboon Christmas!

During the month of December, we will be putting on a large amount of events via client, discord and throughout all of the articles that are posted throughout the week. 

Read this article to find out what holiday activities will be brought to the hotel!

Earn snowflakes by participating in hotel alerted events, entering articles and taking part in exclusive games, tournaments and more hosted by our staff team.

Random crackables are now dropped in public rooms in the public tab (Ski Resort, Coffee House...) which you will be notified about on the top right side of your screen. Chase down these crackables for a chance to win snowflakes, exclusive clothing, and more...

Snow Puffs drop around public rooms, too. Walking on top of these Snow Puffs will give you some snowflakes to add to your count! Make sure to keep an eye out and stand on these before anyone else.

Santa Bot is back! Santa will drop by a random room on the hotel navigator and give a lucky user a present! This present will contain some goodies and can be earned all month long!

The annual Advent Calendar has returned. Open it up each day to see what rare currency or clothing prize is awaiting behind your daily door. Make sure to open these on time as you might miss out on some exclusive gifts!

And lots more... including support for our staff-supported Christmas-exclusive events; new changes to a Santa Bot which will host games at the Ski Resort, and other fun things coming this December.

For Boon Adventures, it’s the month celebrating Grinchmas (early theme reveal woo)!

Cookie, linds, and snug, alongside the Boon’s Builders team and Connect, are bringing you into the world of Whoville under the Christmas rule of the Grinch. 

Every day of the month of December, a door will open in our Grinchmas Advent Calendar that will open one of our past mazes (that have been fixed) that people can go back, do some throwbacks and gather some badges they haven’t yet got -- alongside, find some new hidden ones that are Grinch themed!

Alongside that, we will be hosting plenty of client events such as: How the Grinch Stole Christmas Events, Grinch Avalanche and the Naughty and Nice event

Then we will also be hosting Discord events such as Bingo, Christmas Tree and Baking competitions, and Ornation Creations!

Click the icon below to join the Boon Adventures server & look out for the Boon Adventures article coming out soon!

ROTW will be hosting a Christmas Build Off Competition in their discord server!

However, to add in more fun, we will be adding a twist! You have to build the room with the restricted room size and have one type of christmas tree shown in the room! You're also not allowed to use roomads

You can enter the competition more than once as you guys will be put into a raffle to win the prize according to the number of entries you have entered!

By participating in the normal ROTW article, you will also be getting a Christmas Badge even if you didn't win! There will be 2 different badges to get. However, make sure that the build is according to the theme that was given!

December 1st - 31st

Casino of the Month is celebrating this Christmas with our very own tradition, gambling!


Below is an application to join our Christmas Poker Tournament -- Where members shall be aiming for the grand prize by battling other players, the best of 5 hands of poker wins and moves onto the next stage of the tournament! Each participant will also be given a badge for entering the tournament.

Applications will close on the 5th December 23:59pm GMT.

To submit, click here!

Pixel By Pixel will be hosting a few events, starting with the Bob Ross Paint-Along Party!

Cookie or els will stream a Bob Ross episode with a winter-themed painting, of course! Only users who will participate in the paint-along party can join. After the video is done, we will open up a channel where users can post their finished artwork, and the Pixel by Pixel hosts will vote on who will win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. We will also open up reactions to get a “fan favorite” winning creation too!


Users have the option to follow along using digital media (photoshop,, etc.) OR using paint/gouache/watercolor/whatever other media they may have. An easel and a canvas are not necessary, you can use paper or whatever is on hand!


We will post in the Pixel by Pixel server ahead of time notifying users of the dimensions of the painting we’ll be following along to, paint colors, etc. so users can be prepared.

December 10th at 5PM CST (11PM BST, 8AM AEST)


Pixel by Pixel
will also be hosting a winter-themed daily prompt contest

We have a daily prompt channel in our Pixel by Pixel server where art prompts are posted daily for users to draw to practice their drawing skills/just for fun! Occasionally, we host a contest where all the posts submitted during X amount of time will be entered in a raffle and whoever is drawn, wins!


This time, we will be hosting a winter-themed daily prompt contest which will consist of winter-themed daily art prompts only, and every time a user submits a drawing within the 2 weeks the contest lasts, they’ll earn a raffle ticket. 


The contest will start as soon as this article is posted!

Click the icon below to join the Pixel by Pixel server!

Christmas is all about sharing joy! 

One way people enjoy sharing joy is by giving presents to family and friends. Connect is hosting a very special White Elephant gift event where everyone who plays is guaranteed a prize! There are a total of 36 prizes - varying from diamonds, credits, exclusive wearables, snowflakes, a badge and more! 

Players of this White Elephant event will take it in turns to roll a dice. The numbers you roll correspond to a prize on a 6x6 grid. The prize you roll is the prize you will get at the end of the game!

But there's a twist! As we go along the game players can choose either to steal a prize from another player or have a shot at rolling for a new prize. This continues until we reach the very last player. Throughout the game mini quick fire trivia games will be hosted which gives the winner an opportunity to swap their prize or roll for another.

December 21st at 9PM GMT


Connect in seeing the year out with this Last Man Standing event! 

Huge prizes (credits, diamonds, exclusive clothing items) and tonnes of opportunities to win snowflakes!

All you have to do is stay awake and active the longest! Keep an eye out for a separate article later in the month with more information on prizes and the date of this LMS event.

Join the Connect Discord for more information by clicking the icon below!

Moderator Soul will be hosting weekly Cozzie Changes, participate to win various different prizes throughout the month of December!

They will be held and hotel alerted every Thursday at 23:00pm GMT. Players have the chance to win rares or wearables!

Thursdays at 23:00 PM GMT

What a perfect way to train that brain and keep it from getting frosty over winter than by completing this festive word sudoku hosted by Mich!

Think you have what it takes to conquer this jolly puzzle? The twist is that it’s a word sudoku… all normal sudoku rules still apply though! 

Using the image below, fill in the correct letters in the empty squares, this can be either typed or drawn on (as long as it’s legible), and once you have completed it, upload your grid to Imgur and submit it to the form below. 

The brainboxes who submit the correctly filled out grid will bag themselves a snazzy badge, as well as be entered into a raffle to win prizes! 

Submit your answers by the date below and by clicking here!

December 28th

Another amazing Trivia Maze made by snug will be open for the entire month for those who would like to give your general Christmas knowledge to the test.


Those who complete the maze will be given a badge!


Search “[HT] Christmas Trivia Maze” owned by snug to start.


Among all the holidays and celebrations throughout the year, Christmas is the favorite of the Nordic region and is heavily celebrated.


To represent the rich and interesting Nordic culture, we’re going to be doing a little scavenger hunt around the hotel for three badges, which you can see below!


Once you have the three badges, click here to submit to be entered in a raffle to earn a prize. All those who submitted the three badges will be given a Christmas Tree badge!


Make sure the submissions are a screenshot with your character profile in it, with your inventory of the three badges.


Submissions close on December 29th



Click here to submit!



Thanks for reading and hope you all enjoy all of the December events!


- Habboon Staff

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Yayyyyy christmas time

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it's the most WONDERFUL time of the year....

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woooo this month's going to be fun !!!

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I'm so proud of the bb team <3 this month has been a challenge but we all came together <3 happy holidays guys !! <3

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ho ho ho -moans-

Yayyyyy christmas time

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